10 04 2010

BALTO went into full production in 1993 in STEVEN SPIELBERG’S london animation studio. and there was a change in leadership, SIMON WELLS became the sole director of the film. below is the second part of the captured moments from my video documentary during that time.





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10 04 2010

Great posts, Hans. It sure looks like a fun place to work! Thanks for sharing.

12 04 2010
Jeremy Fries

Wow, I love the Daan Jippes cartoon!

12 04 2010
Alexey Kobelev

Hans thank you so much for such incredible shots! I wish you have a chance to make real documental feature!
I wonder who was other director besides Mr.Wells?
There is one thing that confuse me. It seems that some cels were used in the making of BALTO. But I was pretty sure that it was digital production.

from hans –
thank you, alexey. phil nibbelink was the 2.director in the beginning. he had to finish ‘we’re back’, so simon wells took over ‘balto’.
the cels you saw on the photos were color-test cels, to see how the characters would look on the BG’s. the whole digital system
was not really that well developed at that time. and I remember several serious problems.

14 04 2010

Would you be able to post your video commentary somewhere, like Youtube?

1 11 2010

I agree! I would love to watch the compiled video! Balto is one of my all time favorites 🙂

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