alex nino 6

16 04 2010

accidentally I found a lot more copies of inspirational designs ALEX NINO did during the preproduction time of disney’s MULAN around 1995/1996. so, here is the first part.

© disney enterprises, inc / alex nino




7 responses

16 04 2010
Peter Doherty

Fantastic I do love Alex’s stuff.
Thanks so much for these.

17 04 2010

Beautiful work!Joy for eyes!:o)

17 04 2010

Incredible! These illustrations are terrific.
Greets, Abraham

17 04 2010

your regard for alex nino’s work is truely humbling , he’s really a master crafsman,
just can’t stare looking at these amazing layouts,
your blog truely is education for us all:)
thanks for posting these, n the april mood is breathtaking:)

18 04 2010

Thanks for sharing these! Big fan of Alex’s art.

19 04 2010
Dead Ahead

Thanks for your amazing blog and for the impressive Nino works.

Recently, Manuel Barrero has written a interesting essay about Alex Nino works in comics world. I’m sorry it’s in Spanish but you can see there some examples of the changing style of this master of drawing along his full life:

1) Alex Nino in Philippines. The Beginning:

2) Alex Nino in DC, Marvel and Heavy Metal:

3) Alex Nino, from Warren until now:

– Alex Nino, summarized biography and works edited in Spain:


from hans –
thank you for the links!

20 04 2010

Amazing works. Truly inspiring.

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