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23 04 2010

these captured scenes are from animated commercials on the air in europe during the seventies and eighties. most of them were animated very, very well and the production value was high. you can probably recognize HEINZ EDELMANN’S designs in the ‘fanta’ commercial. the singing tomato was produced by ERIC GOLDBERG’S PIZAZZ-studio in london, the ‘corall’ colored pencil technique came from TVC london and the baby with the milk bottle was animated by the PURDUM-studio. I was involved in the car- and the tomato-designs and storyboards.




3 responses

24 04 2010
Alfred Llupia

Hello.Amazing collection of historic artwork here.Great font of inspiration on your book Dream Worlds by the way.Cheers.

26 04 2010

hello. i have some old animated commercials from Yugoslavia. (from 80 s) here is few screencaps. if you want I could upload it for you

from hans –
why don’t you show the screencaps on your blog

29 04 2010

I am sending you these if you need it for your archive. if you need all commercials in video format I could upload it.

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