symphony nr.6

29 04 2010

this extremely long recreated pan is from disney’s 1940 FANTASIA, the PASTORAL SYMPHONY. for my taste it is a bit too colorful. but I am european, and especially northern-europeans prefer more subdued colors. more interesting is the stylized world that was created for the greek mythology inspired gods and fantasy creatures.

© disney enterprises, inc




4 responses

29 04 2010

Gibt es ein amerikanishes Wort für KITSCH ?
(“camp” vielleicht)

from hans –
das deutsche wort wurde schon in die englische/amerikanische sprache uebernommen.

30 04 2010

For as colorful as it is it’s got a great balance and not overwhelmingly so (I prefer much more subdued palettes as well). Commercial stuff I work on you really have to wrangle with because they over saturate EVERYthing!

30 04 2010
KD's portfolio

This pan is fruit for the gods. Truly lovely!

3 05 2010
william wray

I love color, so I’m good with it. Nice!

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