moments 12

31 05 2010

alex nino 8

29 05 2010

and more of ALEX NINO’S amazing inspirational art for disney’s MULAN

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500 posts

21 05 2010

if I had decided to do a book, with 500 chapters it would be a pretty thick one, probably with more than 1.000 pages. and it would be so expensive with all the color images that nobody could afford it. so far this blog has over one million visitors, between 2.000 and 8.000 a day. and from about 120 countries all around the globe. I will do my best to make the next 500 chapters as interesting as the past ones, please leave your comments what you think.
I will be in hong kong for a few days, back on may 27.


20 05 2010

THE FOOL OF THE WORLD AND THE FLYING SHIP is a puppet-animation film from 1990, a COSGROVE HALL production, great britain. the russian muenchhausen-like fairytale has terrific animation, the puppets and the environment are beautifully designed. mark hall and brian cosgrove formed their animation company in 1976 in manchester. their most successful films are DANGER MOUSE, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, PETER AND THE WOLF, – all in puppet animation as well as traditional animation.

© cosgrove hall


19 05 2010

five years ago I recreated the first pan background, a complicated several level pan from disney’s 1945 animated feature film THE THREE CABALLEROS. during these five years the collection of recreated animation treasures has grown to about 800 backgrounds.

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18 05 2010

wolf erlbruch 2

17 05 2010

WOLF ERLBRUCH has illustrated numerous children books, most of them published by PETER HAMMER VERLAG wuppertal. below are some pages form these treasures, as well as some calendar-sheets with his characters.

© wolf erlbruch / peter hammer verlag