alex nino 7

3 05 2010

some more designs from the MASTER, ALEX NINO. they were done during preproduction of disney’s MULAN around 1995/1996. alex told us in one of his lectures here in the philippines, when he was a boy, about ten, twelve years old, his parents did not have enough money to buy him paper and pencils. so he went to the beach, not too far away from where he grew up, and practiced his drawing skills, drawing with a wooden stick in the wet sand.

© disney enterprises, inc / alex nino




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4 05 2010


4 05 2010

Any idea as to the turnaround time for one of the more detailed pieces? I’m seriously floored by these…

from hans –
it took alex not more than one day for one of the bigger designs, and you can see from the pegholes how big they were.
he barely roughed them out, just started them in the upper left corner and wrote them down. I was witness of it and
watched him speechless. most of them he did with a prismacolor black colorpencil, on the biggest animation paper we had.
then he used two sheets and connected them with scotchtape. once in a while it was black or grey cardboard. in that case he
drew with white, or used white and grey washes of gouache.

4 05 2010

one of the last few surviving masters of Philippine komiks..Alex Niño is an artistic monstrosity.

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