lost treasures

4 05 2010

a while ago I started with the layouts of another book project, LOST TREASURES. below you can see the first 54 pages ( as double-pages ). the plan was to showcase all my recreated backgrounds from the ‘golden years’ of traditional animation, and from all the major feature films and shorts from that time. I am not sure if it ever will be finished, but it is fun to plan the whole thing.

© disney enterprises, inc / WB / MGM / paramount / UPA / john hubley




10 responses

4 05 2010

I want this book! Have you ever thought about digital books?

4 05 2010

looks very exciting! I will order it
(ein detail: auf der doppelseite über Cinderella steht “belle epoche”,auf französisch schreibt man “époque”)

4 05 2010

this book looks very interesting.
Those bg are true piece of art.
If they really lost this book has to be made to preserve them.
A book could be also a good source of education for new bg artists.

What was the plan for the book?
How many pages all together and what backgrounds did you
want to put in it?

4 05 2010

Looks fabulous. Please do finish it!

4 05 2010

Looks amazing !The idea is brilliant!:o)

5 05 2010

This is really amazing !! Would like to have a copy if & whenever it finishes .. so much to learn from those..

6 05 2010

I would eat this book up in no time if you finished it! Background art is an incredibly important part of animation and I feel that there isn’t enough material covering this. I’ve got plenty of animation books, but barely anything on background art!

6 05 2010

Oh! I wish this book would be made, it’s gorgeous!!!!

11 05 2010

I would buy this in a heartbeat. I hope you don’t have problems with copyrights though. Still waiting on your Color and Composition book, and congratulations on a million visitors!

21 09 2010

Oh my god! Please please please finish this book, I already have dream worlds which is really a dream but this would go even beyond that. I love those Baia backgrounds and I’ve never found any high-res pics of them. You are a colour magician Mr Bacher! Thanks for making this world more beautiful with your art!!!

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