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7 05 2010

WOLF ERLBRUCH, born 1949 in wuppertal, germany, studied graphic design at the FOLKWANG-SCHOOL in essen. that’s where our paths crossed. we both studied with the same teacher – PROFESSOR REKER, both from 1969 until 1974. and we worked both for the same advertising agencies in duesseldorf. his storyboards were better than the final live-action commercial, some became collector’s items. whatever he touched turned special, like the SAMSON-tobacco illustrations. after the advertising experience he started to illustrate for magazines like STERN and ESQUIRE. there as well he developed all different looks, tested different techniques and styles. in 1985 he was asked by the wuppertal publisher PETER HAMMER to illustrate his first children book. many more followed. wolf has won numerous awards for his very unusual styled children books. at the same time he became a professor for children book illustration at the duesseldorf art academy, some years later he took that position at the university in his hometown of wuppertal. the characters he creates are so different from everything you have ever seen, there is no disney- or other influence visible. his technique is ‘old-fashioned’ and very unique too. he uses ‘real’ cardboard and crayons, the textures in his illustrations are cut-outs from wrapping paper or other unusual sources. I am surprised that there are no animated films with his stunning animal characters and stories. following is some of wolf erlbruch’s work that I collected over the past 30 years. there will be more …

© wolf erlbruch / gruner & jahr publ./ peter hammer publ.




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13 05 2010
Martin Rybacki

Being one of Prof. Erlbruch’s illustration students for a couple of years now made me constantly witness his genius first-hand. My admiration for him grew rapidly from day one and this post only strengthens it once more! Thank you very much!

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