8 05 2010

this is really amazing. 1.000.000 views! thank you all for visiting me. from everywhere around the globe, even from countries I had no idea they exist. it is good to know there is so much interest for this beautiful artform – animation, and whatever is connected to it. I find out something new every day and will never stop learning. there is so much out there to explore and it makes me feel good that I am not alone on these trips.

september 2008 I started this blog with ‘wordpress’ after some bad experience with nearly a dozen of other blogs and a different server. this new ‘book’ has so far 486 chapters. I must admit that the missing list of content in ‘wordpress’ makes it difficult to look through older posts. of course you can search for chapters, but then you should know the chapter’s title. to make that a bit easier for you I have compiled all 486 post-titles. you find them below. whatever you think might be interesting, find it by typing the title into ‘search’. hope you enjoy looking through my book, the older chapters and the new ones to come.




11 responses

8 05 2010

Congrats, your blog is a fabulous one and it deserves the attention it is getting.

8 05 2010
Kat Burgon

Woot, congratulations!

Thank you for your wonderful blog – It’s truly a treasure trove.

8 05 2010
Christoph Heuer

Congratulation! This is amazing…. Keep on blogging!

8 05 2010

congrats, Hans on 1.000.000 visits to your site. At least a few dozens are mine. Hope you keep it up a little longer. take care, P.

8 05 2010

Thanks for all the inspiring posts and congratulation.

8 05 2010

Thanks for all the inspiring posts and congratulation.

(*this is the right link)

8 05 2010

is only the beginning )))))))

8 05 2010

here’s to the next million! your blog is a constant source of inspiration:)

9 05 2010

it’s been educational , inspiring and any other word which connotes to that,
thanks for sharing your vast and wonderful knowledge ,

10 05 2010

Thanks for sharing all those gems of art lost in archives & shelves.. Its almost turning into an encyclopedia ! Looking fwd to many more year & a zillion views
Cheers 🙂

11 05 2010

Congratulations Hans! and thank you very much for generously sharing your knowledge on this art form!

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