10 05 2010

the disney 1948 combined live action/animation film SO DEAR TO MY HEART seems to be pretty unknown, especially outside of the united states. UB IWERKS was responsible for special photographic processes, HAMILTON LUSKE directed the cartoon sequences. storyboard treatment by – MARC DAVIS, KEN ANDERSON, BILL PEET. art directors – JOHN HENCH, MARY BLAIR, DICK KELSEY and layout – KEN O’CONNOR, HUGH HENNESY, DON GRIFFITH, THOR PUTNAM. backgrounds – ART RILEY, RALPH HULETT, JIM TROUT, DICK ANTHONY, BRICE MACK, RAY HUFFINE and animation – ERIC LARSON, JOHN LOUNSBERY, HAL KING, MILT KAHL, LES CLARK, DON LUSK, MARVIN WOODWARD. effects animation – GEORGE ROWLEY, JOSHUA MEADOR, DAN McMANUS. following are some screen captures of the animated sequences.

© disney enterprises, inc




3 responses

10 05 2010

Beautiful! I haven’t seen it before, thanks for posting Hans.

11 05 2010
Kendra Melton

These are wonderful! Looks really interesting, I had never heard about it until now. Thanks for sharing.

13 05 2010
David Nethery

There are a few clips on YouTube :

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