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12 05 2010

in the early days of production disney’s ROGER ALLERS directed inka-version of THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES was titled – KINGDOM OF THE SUN. after major story problems MARK DINDALL took over and the piece was called THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE, what doesn’t mean the story improved. unfortunately the beautiful preproduction artwork done by PAUL FELIX, COLIN STIMPSON and JOHN WATKISS is not reflected in the final 2000 released film. below some more of JOHN WATKISS huge acrylic-paintings.

© disney enterprises, inc / john watkiss



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12 05 2010

Thanks for the huge scans. Watkiss is a remarkable artist. I enjoy his comic work also. Too bad the film was changed by management, these concepts are intriguing.

12 05 2010

Interesting but I prefer the light and gay design of the final version

13 05 2010
Ignacio Ochoa

When I bought the “Tarzan” book, one of the things that impacted me was the work of JOHN WATKISS. I don´t know why, but it recalls me the works of Frazetta.

14 05 2010
George Cwirko-godycki

wonderful paintings

16 05 2010

Lord this guys work is awful. Unfocused, bland, and doesn’t communicate well at all.

26 07 2010
Don Brooks

I am a friend of John watkiss and I am looking to get in touch with him. My Los Angeles phone number is 818 400 8323.

21 12 2012

These are wonderful! Many thanks for sharing. I was wondering his process. Did he paint straight onto canvas & work it out as he went or did he look at references to help him with clothes etc. Love to know. Great blog!

from hans –
from what I saw john did a sketch in a smaller size first where he worked out the basic composition. I don’t know how much reference he used, but I guess he had to get at least some information about costume, architecture and other things he was not too familiar with. go to his website and ask him.

8 02 2017
Trish Coveney-Rees

I also worked with John at Disney. What a talent and character. Incredibly prolific. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing. He was way too young but produced enough artwork to fill several lifetimes of anyone else. Too sad.
Trish Coveney-Rees

from hans –
that is shocking, trish. I did not know. you are so right. it is sad…

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