13 05 2010

digitally corrected color xerox. I did the stylistic design for disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in 1989. the original disappeared like over fifty others during the production of the film.

© disney enterprises, inc




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13 05 2010

your beautiful foliage effect reminds me more of Bambi than Beauty and the beast,which hasn’t a real style,in my opinion (just the average Disney look).
Though the story and rythm of that film are springy.

from hans –
at that time I was just a freelance designer. it would have been politically incorrect to use some of my work within the disney hierarchy.

13 05 2010

Hans ,your works is very amazing ,it s a big mistake for me,when i saw all the design you did for little match girl and the result… disney was blind or something new is happening… the TV influence perhaps……. thanks to continue to show us the quality and the sensibility and the good way to folow…

13 05 2010

I was just going through the section on Beauty and the Beast in your Dream Worlds book this morning; terrible how they “couldn’t” use a new look for their films and really watered down all that hard work. This post is great though…agree those leaves immediately reminded me of the Bambi backgrounds. Just that hint of thick foliage and tons of atmosphere in a simple piece.

14 05 2010

Absolutely brillant in it’s simplicity. 🙂
always an inspiration to see your art, fantastic.
The contrast gives the piece such volume.

15 05 2010

AMAZING!!!! I’m a big fan of your work~ I hope u keep showing more of your work also-

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