20 05 2010

THE FOOL OF THE WORLD AND THE FLYING SHIP is a puppet-animation film from 1990, a COSGROVE HALL production, great britain. the russian muenchhausen-like fairytale has terrific animation, the puppets and the environment are beautifully designed. mark hall and brian cosgrove formed their animation company in 1976 in manchester. their most successful films are DANGER MOUSE, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, PETER AND THE WOLF, – all in puppet animation as well as traditional animation.

© cosgrove hall




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21 05 2010

Hans you’re are a amazing… I watched this film so long ago on PBS in the USA. I could never find who the people were who made it, even though I have a very old recording of it on VHS Tape (from the PBS show – Long ago and Far away – I think).

Thank you so much for posting this entry… now I have to see if I can find the old tape…
and if they still work.

Love you blog, and have your book Dream Worlds.


21 05 2010

Egads, sorry for all the bad grammar… that’s why they say check your writing before you post.



28 04 2014

Awesome job!!! I really loved this movie and I still watch it to this very day! Have you seen the Rabbit Ears version of this tale?

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