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21 05 2010

if I had decided to do a book, with 500 chapters it would be a pretty thick one, probably with more than 1.000 pages. and it would be so expensive with all the color images that nobody could afford it. so far this blog has over one million visitors, between 2.000 and 8.000 a day. and from about 120 countries all around the globe. I will do my best to make the next 500 chapters as interesting as the past ones, please leave your comments what you think.
I will be in hong kong for a few days, back on may 27.




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21 05 2010
Ignacio Ochoa

I follow this blog daily from Argentina. For me, is the more accecible road to arrive at work of the biggest artists of the animation art. Here the books are very difficult to obtain, or they are very costly by the postage and handling, therefore each one of your post is highly valued by my. Also this it is a place where I can discover notable artists and to amaze me with his works.
Thanks by sharing Hans.

21 05 2010

congratulations!!! fantastic blog!!!! ))))

22 05 2010
Jeremy F.

Thanks so much for all your work and inspiration Mr. Bacher. The variety of your blog is really amazing and is a constant source of wonder and instruction. I’ve been introduced to so many artists works that I would probably have never had the pleasure of seeing if not for this blog. I was wondering if in the future you might be able to post some drawings from your friend Andreas Deja. There’s a great blog on Glen Keane, but it’s hard to find many drawings from Deja other than the “art of” books. I don’t know if you have access to any material like that, but it would be great if possible. Also, will you be featured in the upcoming “Design” book by Disney Archives?

22 05 2010

Hi Hans
I love your blog and visit it usually every day. I work in the field of conceptual art for games and always use your blog for inspiration, in particular your stunning less is more approach to scenic images. I have your book Dreamworlds and my only dissapointment is I haven’t been able to find any more books by you in English. Anyway I am hugely grateful for you hosting this fantastic art blog. In terms of ideas for the blog;
I know you were considering writing a book on colour but to my knowledge this was never released……….would you consider adding some of your colour knowledge/theory on the blog or are you still planning to release the book?(if so I would certainly get it). Anyway I look forward to your next 500 chapters:) All the best, Max

24 05 2010
Floyd Norman

All 500 have been great. Thanks for keeping us inspired.

25 05 2010

I start my day with a cup of coffee and checking your blog. Please keep on posting!

28 05 2010

Inspiring and enlightening!
I have been following your work long before this blog existed.

all the best for the next 500


28 05 2010

This site is fantastic and your work with restoring camera pans has been an inspiration!! Thanks very much for sharing all your experience and talent!!

10 06 2010

Hi Mr Hans Bacher!

Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information! It is so inspiring!

You may not remember me but I attended your talk at NTU during your stay in Singapore. At that time you decided to close your blog and I emailed you. I was very happy to receive your email, telling me you were opening a new blog. Your work are amazing and I love your book!

Thank you so much! All the Best!

9 07 2010

Thanx for sharing ur knowledge and experience. Lots of works that u compiled and shown here are very inpsiring. Congrats and keep going! Waiting for more.

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