beauty nr.3

4 06 2010

in case someone wants to know some of the technical details of these old-traditional paper produced designs for disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, – yes, they were done on paper, 60 gram offset. most of them in the size 21 x 11.5 cm. basic coloring with MAGIC MARKERS, AD-MARKERS and PANTONE MARKERS. the extreme thin paper was spray-glued then onto thicker cardboard and the coloring continued with small additions of gouache, and some airbrushing with PANTONE-fineliners.

© disney enterprises, inc




5 responses

4 06 2010
Jeremy F.

I’m curious as to your design process, Mr. Bacher. Do you eat up the reference and then create from imagination and memory mostly when you enter your marker stages or do you constantly reference material while you are creating?

from hans –
most of the ‘design’-reference goes into the sketches, but I usually use a lot of ‘color’-inspiration from photographs and film-stills. STYLE-WISE all that doesn’t help, that has to be somehow layed-out in your brain first. and that takes a while

4 06 2010
KD's portfolio

More poetry. The amount of work put into these is amazing.

from hans –
thank you keith, and thank you for your nice article in your blog

4 06 2010

Great to see these again. Beautiful work Hans.

4 06 2010

So beautiful

6 06 2010
aaron Spurgeon

These are beautiful and quite moody, even a bit scary. I love them. So inspiring!

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