10 06 2010

T.S.SULLIVANT, 1854 – 1926, is probably one of the most important cartoonists in the history of this medium. I am sure you all have seen some of his work, and you might know how important he was for the development of cartoon characters in animation. his very unique style of anthropomorphism has been the inspiration for numerous character designers in animation and comic strip artists around the world. sullivant began to work cartooning professionally at the age of 32. his drawings appeared in the LIFE and PUCK magazines during the 1890s, later in 1904 he signed an exclusive contract with WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST. from 1911 until his death he continued to work for LIFE magazine. I have selected some of my favorite cartoons below.

© t.s.sullivant



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10 06 2010

Wonderful work, the lion looks very similar to the king in Robin Hood. Is that a coincidence?
His work reminds me of Ernest Griset, another favorite of mine.
Thanks for posting Hans.

from hans –
everybody consulted sullivant in the industry and still does. at disney the REFERENCE was sullivant and heinrich kley. tenggren and nielsen were the other 2 established illustrators, and they were even invited to work in the studio.

5 01 2011
Jeremy Ferguson

Thanks so much for posting these. I’ve had a hard time finding material by Sullivant, so this is really terrific.

5 01 2011

tyyyy for putting these up, hans! such a treasure to have! sullivant is waaaay up on my greatest list. nobody gives better gesture (cept maybe n marlet?) to a midget orangutan and a pompous rhino! “)

6 01 2011

I’ve never heard of him before.. his work is awesome though!!

I tried to do some reading about him, but not only couldn’t i find what his name is (T.S = ??) but wikipedia didn’t even have a page about him (!?)

I hope that this important man get his own wiki page soon.. surely he deserves it.. I might have to do some digging 🙂

Ty for introducing me to him!!

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