16 06 2010

HARMONY is a procedural drawing tool developed by ‘mrdoob’. the website offers the canvas of your color choice and several brushes, my favorite is SHADED. you draw right there, unfortunately no undo button, and save your final sketch with a screen-saver software. I do a lot of sketching and experimenting with that tool, some are below. try it yourself – it is for free, and a lot of fun!




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16 06 2010


Although i’m guilty to admit, there is a side danger of leaving the actual media (i.e. pencils, canvas texture, etc) behind because it’s so easy and fun!

thanks for sharing this!

from hans –
it doesn’t matter what media you use, practicing is more important. ALEX NINO did his sketches with a stick in the wet sand at the beach.

16 06 2010
Kendra Melton

DAMN! That’s fantastic! i LOVE the color experiments. wow wow wow.

16 06 2010

WOW!!!, what a thing!!!!, beautifull scketches Mr. Bacher. I just try it now and is so much fun, yes really interesting Tool. Now back to my work! 😉
Thanks for sharing.

16 06 2010

Thanks for sharing! I tried it and it was really nice! =)

21 09 2010
Steve Brown

Dear Hans,
you mighty enjoy playing around with an open source drawing program called Alchemy.

from hans –
did already – thank you…

24 09 2010
ivan gregor

This program is almost like harmony just it doesn’t have different brushes but one and you can configurate it.

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