mood collection

2 07 2010

© bilderfabrik




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2 07 2010
Floyd Norman

Very nice, Hans.

By the way, I’m back from Australia. Were you able to ship those brushes to my office at Disney? When I checked in, they hadn’t received anything in the mail.


from hans –
wanted to wait until you are back, will send them on monday.

3 07 2010
Floyd Norman

Good. Thanks, Hans.


2 07 2010

these are great references, each one definitely has a specific mood. what a good idea to make a collection like this! thanks for sharing!

2 07 2010

all of them are gorgeous! rich and subtle palette

2 07 2010

Beautiful Mr. Bacher, Beautiful.

2 07 2010

It’s funny, grouped together like this I appreciate ’em more then in the original posts. Don’t know why that is.

Really love this collection! Thanks for sharing, there’s so much to learn from this blog. Thank you.

3 07 2010

A bit late, but I wanted to mention that I enjoyed your articles on Eyvind Earle immensely! His contribution in realising ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is unforgettable. ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is easily my favourite animated feature when it comes to the graphic design.
Greets from Holland,


4 07 2010

Insanely beautiful!

29 07 2010

Stunning images, they create so much emotion and feeling with the minimum of detail, really fantastic.

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