7 07 2010

probably around 1950, when I was two years old, I got a very simple childrenbook DORNROESCHEN ( SLEEPING BEAUTY ). the paperquality is typical ‘post-war’ and the printing is not better, below are the few pages that survived all these years. I found them some years ago buried with other old stuff, and I was shocked about the incredible bad illustrations. pure horror! it’s not only that there is not one appealing character, the way they are drawn is the worst, not to talk about the color choices. I can’t excuse that with the poor post-war times. anyway – since those days and after that horrific childrenbook experience ( you might see it in my 2-year old comments I left on the drawings ) I have collected the best childrenbooks I could find in bookstores all over the world. I have to admit, even today you see once in a while something that should not be printed, especially not for children…




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7 07 2010

Morning Hans.
If you had to pick one illustrator as your favourite who would it be? And what’s your best children’s book?

from hans –
hi colin, illustrator – heinz edelmann, and childrenbook – any book illustrated by wolf erlbruch.

7 07 2010

I really like Wolf Erlbruch’s work, his Little Mole book is published by Anova in the UK, they are are the publisher I’ve been working for for the past few years. Little Mole is their best seller!

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