style 9.2

8 07 2010

continuing with the series TREES IN ART I show you in this chapter a selection of illustrations from children-books and comic-strips, covering a period of about one hundred years. from ARTHUR RACKHAM and KAY NIELSEN to artists I found in recent years through their blogs. RACKHAM and NIELSEN influenced the background style of the early animated films, NIELSEN even worked at disney for a while. JIRI TRNKA is best known for his stunning puppet-animation films and EDELMANN styled the animated feature YELLOW SUBMARINE and influenced probably a whole generation of artists. stylistically it is a wide range, the pen+ink children-book style from the beginning of the last century, RIEN POORTVLIET’S very realistic nature studies and on the other end CHARLY HARPER’S extreme graphic style. for me some of the most interesting styled illustrations are from HEINZ EDELMANN, JORGE GONZALES, TADAHIRO UESUGI and FREDERIC BEZIAN. most of them have their own blogs and it is worth to check their work. the influence of different ART-styles in general is obvious, more about that in the next chapters – TREES IN ART.




3 responses

9 07 2010
Aaron Spurgeon

All so Fantastic to see all of these styles in one post. Thanks for putting this together. Great research material!

9 07 2010

Thank you for sharing differnt styles. I really like haussman’s style. Did he or she has a Blog or link? Thank you.

from hans –
I don’t think he has a blog, but just google – editions dupuis – le roman de renart. from there you will get probably more
information about his illustrated books. he did several comic strips as well.

7 10 2010
Ernesto Melo

It would have been happiness and an infinite honor for Sylvia to see that her admired Hans would choose her to share her trees together with Edelmann, Mary Blair or Nine…

Un abrazo,


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