magic highway

13 07 2010

may 1958 an eight minute special – MAGIC HIGHWAY U.S.A. – premiered in the DISNEYLAND tv-show, it was directed by WARD KIMBALL. like common in those days and like in OUR FRIEND THE ATOM, it showed a very optimistic future of the american street- and freeway-system. at that time it was ‘science-fiction’, today we laugh. so don’t look at it for the content. I always liked the style of the backgrounds though, very close to architectural renderings. following are some stills and recreated longer pans.

© disney enterprises, inc




5 responses

13 07 2010
Aaron Spurgeon

These are slick, especially the illustration in the middle.

13 07 2010

Great post Hans, thanks! I just watched the short it looked like Syndrome’s island in The Incredibles. The style and colors are amazing and inspiring.

14 07 2010
Colin Stimpson

FANTASTIC! Thanks for posting Hans.

14 07 2010
Floyd Norman

I was with Kimball when he completed the sound mix on this film. When the job was done, Ward got up and danced a jig right there in the mixing stage.

Animation was fun in those days.

14 07 2010
Vitaliy Shushko

OMG!!! amazing post )))

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