sir william russell flint

16 07 2010

SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT, 1880 – 1969, is probably one of the best known english watercolor artists. in the early 1900s he illustrated for the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, following were book-illustrations like SOLOMON’S SONG OF SONGS and a four volume edition LE MORTE D’ARTHUR. in his later work he concentrated on oriental themes. besides his beautiful watercolors he was a passionate drawing artist and published several books with studies and sketches that reveal his love for art and stunning models. he was member of the royal academy, president of the royal watercolor society and was knighted in 1947. below is a small selection of some of his watercolors.

© sir william russell flint




9 responses

16 07 2010

2nd pic was my favorite

16 07 2010

the last one is a stunner too. i like how well he painted it to portray a feel of the rainy season.

16 07 2010

Thank you for posting all these superb watercolors.

17 07 2010
Aaron Spurgeon

2nd from the bottom. All I can say is Wow. Quite beautiful, could never mimic such a vision. So unique!

17 07 2010

Wow, Extremely beautiful works!!!

19 07 2010

ROYAL!! indeed.

4 10 2010

hi sir,

i was looking around for your posts on watercolors and i was just wondering if there’d be a chance for you to do a feature on Sir William Blake as well?

i just wanted to know what your opinions about his works are…and i’m just looking for more watercolor inspirations lately, since i’m also trying to work on that medium at the moment.

thanks so much! i really miss your discussions here in our school as well. i hope you’re well…and more power to this blog and to you of course 😀

27 05 2012
mrs m matthews

de sir I have two paintings by flint that were left to me both are of ballerinas one mauve one pink I wondered if you could shed any light on these for me.
thanking you margaret matthews

25 10 2012

absolutely gorgeous work !

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