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21 07 2010

there are two reasons for this post – first – it is july 21 and I think it is about time to post some good drawings. second – I wanna give the ‘borrowers’, who never mention where they steal their posts from, a chance to borrow some more. the animation-drawing selection is from disney’s JUNGLE BOOK and THE SWORD IN THE STONE, the animator of course was MILT KAHL.

© disney enterprises, inc




6 responses

21 07 2010

It’s difficult to draw a 8-12 year old kid.M. Kahl do it well.

21 07 2010

The King!The only one.:o)

23 07 2010

These are fantastic Hans! If possible in the furture please add more Disney animation drawings from different classics. I feel many have forgotten the superior quality of design and shear drasfmanship the guys like Milt, Frank, Ollie, Ward, Marc, John and others brought to the screen before they were inked and painted!

24 07 2010

Oh wow, these are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing. What an incredible talent he was! His mouth shapes are just astounding, especially on Shir Khan.

25 07 2010

his ability is astonishing. whenever i see some of his work, whether in the disney animation archives volumes or in the walt stanchfield books, im downright amazed by how pretty his drawings are, what kind of movements he dares to let them do (im thinking of a series of drawings for aristocats’ edgar and the bizarre movements of his chin, neck and collar), and how easy he makes it look!

i find there is a lot to gain for “static” drawing when studying animation – by all means, dont hesitate to post such jewels when you have some 🙂 they are very much appreciated!

from hans –
yes, I will do that. because I am afraid there is nothing like that around anymore.

4 05 2011

What a joy to find such clear tihkning. Thanks for posting!

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