29 07 2010

from 1985 until 1991 I was one of the team-members who brought ALFRED J.KWAK alive. the others were HARALD SIEPERMANN and dutch entertainer HERMAN VAN VEEN. in some earlier posts I talked about the comic- and tv-series and how it happened. here now are some rare pieces, the first planned comic cover, some comic strip samples and calendar illustrations.

© harlekijn / herman van veen / harald siepermann / hans bacher



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29 07 2010
Aafke 7

How nice to see OUR Alfred Judocus Kwak! Many children and adults in The Netherlands do know Herman van Veen, this kind and adventurous duck and his friends.
The way history (Nazi) is revealed in a subtle way is one of the greatest contributions of this animation.
Thank you for this magical and unforgettable imprint in the memory of my son and me.

30 07 2010

hi sir,

all of those drawings are done with traditional media right?

if it’s not…then i’m just going to let my jaw drop and stare at such works, and be inspired to do something as wonderful as this in traditional media. haha

from hans –
yes it is all ink outline with nib and brush, colored with feltpen markers and some added gouache

30 07 2010

oops. typo

if it is***…then i’m just going to let my jaw drop and stare at such works, and be inspired to do something as wonderful as this in traditional media. haha

1 08 2010

Is this animation available in english on DVD? Can you provide a link?

from hans –
it was out on VHS, years ago. you should check in your country, maybe through amazon.

29 07 2014

Hi, I wish I had access to the old comics, they look stunning. One thing: what is the creature in the second-last picture, and why was it in the cartoon opening but not in the series? My friends and I were always expecting to see it in the cartoon like almost everything else shown in the opening, and it drove me nuts to never see what the most exciting-looking character was about!

(Also, traditional work is not completely dead: I prefer that way of drawing, although it’s getting harder to get some supplies – but to be fair, some new handy ones have been developed. Aside from the apparent ease with which they break, technical pens would pretty much be my ideal tool, but the Internet seems to be the only place to get them anymore.)

from hans –
there were a lot of ideas and characters, harald and I came up with, they are not part of the tv-series. we had
them planned for future comic strips. the monster you mentioned would not have fit in the world that is suggested
in the series’ concept.

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