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7 08 2010

SEVERINO BARALDI, born 1930 in sermide, italy, has illustrated throughout his life 220 books and created more than 7.500 illustrations. he is a very private man and not too much is known about his life. after working as a carpenter and a cartoonist for a local newspaper he worked for an advertising agency in milan while attending the artschool there. in the early sixties BARALDI produced two volumes of bible illustrations and adapted the ODYSSEY and PEER GYNT for children. within his seven year association with LOOK AND LEARN he created numerous large and colourful historical pieces. after illustrating the italian comic IL MISTRO in 1996 he concentrated on various fairy tale book collections like the ANDERSON and GRIMM fairy stories, as well as illustrations for tarot cards. following are a few of his children book illustrations.

© severino baraldi




4 responses

7 08 2010
Aaron Spurgeon

What an incredible style.

8 08 2010

These illustrations are beautiful, thank you for sharing! Do you, by any chance, know what fairy tale the ones that feature the girl in moss outfit are for?

from hans –
the german title is – prinzessin binsenkappe ( princess rush-hood ? )

8 08 2010

Thank you again!

8 08 2010

Great stuff. Another great post. I’ve learnt and am learning so much from your blog. Thanks

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