wolf erlbruch 3

21 08 2010

all book-illustrations and calendar sheets were created by WOLF ERLBRUCH and published by PETER HAMMER VERLAG, wuppertal, germany

© wolf erlbruch / peter hammer verlag




4 responses

21 08 2010
colin stimpson

Fantastic! Thanks for posting Hans.

23 08 2010

The owner of this site has ( once again) a very good taste … :o)
Wolf Erlbruch reminds me of Carlos Nine , in the way they “dare” powerful things, strange juxtapositions, and often mix an incredible dratfmanship with an attitude of “less is more” ,which is so rare…
Thanks for sharing those images, Hans, and sorry for my disastruous english ( ‘Public School’ in France makes us more stupid than clever…)

from hans –
you should hear my french… thank you for your nice comment. you are right, wolf and carlos are two giants I look up to, together with wilhelm m.busch and alex nino, heinz edelmann and andre franquin. I am surrounded with their art and it inspires me every day.

23 08 2010

As you say, Hans, their images are a real “gift ” for the eyes , for the mind, for the hand… (?) , an incredible visual/spiritual food
I’m kind of obsessed with the work of Senor Nine , and even if I own about 30 of his books , and have colected 2397 (?!?) images from him on my computer , I have to recognize that I cannot be ‘tired’ of his art , and keep my mind ready to be surprised each time I encounter his works…
Concerning his future short movie, I imagine you should be interested in
>www.animabuenosaires.com.ar , Hans , ( if you didn’t heard about it yet !)


from hans –
thank you very much for the link, lily. carlos son, lucas, told me about the film when they were working on it. but i lost track

27 08 2010
Alex Dukal

Erlbruch is marvelous!
Hans: I’m amazed with your blog! Thanks for post all this beautiful stuff!
Regards from Patagonia

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