hell hall

9 09 2010

from disney’s 101 DALMATIANS some more recreated backgrounds, cruella de vil’s castle ‘hell hall’.

© disney enterprises, inc



7 responses

9 09 2010

I just love those paintings. They are incredble.

9 09 2010
Larry MacDougall

Thanks Hans – really enjoy these.

9 09 2010
Ignacio Ochoa


9 09 2010
Michael Sporn

These are a monster to capture, and as always you’ve done a brilliant job. Thank you I love the bgs in this film. You’ve shed new light on them.

9 09 2010
Alex Dukal

There’s something in the first captures that remembers me Van Goghs night scenes. Love those trees!

9 09 2010

An “art of” book for 101 Dalmations NEEDS to be made. All of my favorite artworks on this site so far have been related to that film. I’m really surprised there is no book out.

from hans –
a publisher nowadays will only take the risk of publishing an expensive artbook like this when he can be sure that he get’s the investment
back. since this film came out in the early 60s only a few people would care about it. you would have to do some major advertising. what I
publish on my blog is for a very small group of people! but I am happy you like one of my favorite films too.

10 09 2010

Love the trees in these backgrounds!

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