22 10 2010

on my second blog – twelvefield –, I started to post a new series of 3-dimensional photos from my collection, so-called ANAGLYPHS. you need blue/red glasses, the blue on the right eye, to see them right. over thirty years ago I started to take 3-D photos, improvised – only with one camera. in that case you take the 2 necessary pictures with the same camera, moving sideways between eye-distance and more than 30 meters. eye-distance, in case there is a lot of foreground and you use a wide-angle-lens, a bigger distance the bigger your tele-lens is. out of an airplane for example you cover a huge distance taking the second picture after 10 sec. important is that you choose the same center in your 2 pictures. for my early 3-D photos I used colorslide-film and looked at them through a modified VIEWMASTER-viewer. since I changed from film to digital photography I could not use that viewing method, until I found out only recently about ANAGLYPHS. in that case you manipulate your 2 photos in PHOTOSHOP and create a blue/red combined picture. with blue/red glasses it is possible to see these pictures on your computerscreen in full 3-dimension. in case someone is interested in this technique I will explain more in detail. it is a fun way to store your memories in 3-D and probably soon an affordable technique will be available to watch them even without glasses on your tv-screen. below you can see one sample picture, more on – twelvefield-.

© bilderfabrik




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23 10 2010

That’s really spiffy, I make them sometimes too. You know what I also like? To make them cross eye stereograms, as you don’t ruin the colors and can see with no glasses. Too bad not everyone is able to see them.

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