4 11 2010

one of the numerous longer pan-backgrounds for the AMBLIMATION/UNIVERSAL production WE’RE BACK! A DINOSAUR’S STORY, released 1993. DANIEL CACOUAULT, who did hundreds of BG-keys for the macy’s parade, painted this beautiful watercolor piece.

© amblin/universal pictures




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4 11 2010

I love everything about this painting!

4 11 2010

Nice painting. The film bombed and was an unmitigated disaster. Bad story, really bad animation, and dull. Even Speilberg disowned it.

from hans –
you are right, lots of bad decisions, wrong stuff cut out and on and on… but, as we all know – that can happen to everybody.
even some big name studios

4 11 2010

Beautiful painting

4 11 2010
Alexei Kobelev

In my opinion there are a lot of good stuff in this animated feature nevertheless. I have it in my collection (ordered the DVD from UK since it is an only way to buy it) and I believe many modern 3D films are much worse than Dinosaur’s Story. It is a pity that this film is totally forgotten today.
Hans thank you for this drawing! Please continue!

4 11 2010

Amazing. Especially for watercolor.
Here is his website with many other beautiful works in a variety of media:

5 11 2010

What I admired was how Steven never gave up on the film even when he knew it was as mess half way through production! To his defense, he was away on two other huge films before he realized the condition of our film. I still remember watching him as he ran the reels on that old “Steinbeck” editing table with the look of absolute frustration on his face. Still, he honored the artists efforts and made sure it was completed as good as was humanly possible with the remaining budget. And, he never made anyone feel bad, and always tried to keep us inspired! That’s what I call a heartfelt creative producer!

5 11 2010

“Steinbeck” editing table”

That’s STEENBECK editing table.

And Speilberg knows next to NOTHING about animation–other than being a fan.

from hans –
why so aggressive? problems?

5 11 2010

Fantastic picture!What is Daniel up to at the moment?

8 11 2010
Peter Moehrle

Hi Hans,

I found some photos of the studio and the guys. Some of the We’re Back team.
Shoot me a email where youd like me to send them, you can also post them.

Are you going to the CTN Expo in LA?


from hans –
no, I am not going. if you like, send the pict. to
thank you

8 11 2010
Peter Moehrle

Hi Hans,

I have prints but thought I’d scan the negs for a better image in a day or so.


21 11 2010
Tony Wisneske

I grew up with this film and watched it often on VHS. I remember really liking how the clown character was animated along with the scary circus scene. I also remember liking the sound design at the end when the crows cover the bad guy with just the sound of their wings flapping and then fly away, leaving only the sound of his metal screw eye bouncing on the ground. I loved it.
I remember the brain gain cereal looked delicious too.
Between this movie, Land Before Time, and Jurassic Park, the late ’80s/early ’90s were a good time for dinosaur movies, something that is sorely lacking these days.

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