horst haitzinger

20 11 2010

HORST HAITZINGER, born 1939 in austria, is one of the best known political caricature artists in germany. already as a student he published his first drawings in the satirical magazine SIMPLIZISSIMUS, from the mid-sixties on he works for numerous publications. for daily newspapers he creates one or more drawings a day, about 15.000 so far. his unique robust brushstroke-style as well as his sarcastic irony are very well known in the german speaking parts of europe. his beautiful watercolors, oil-paintings and black/white drawings are in exhibitions and published regularly. following is a small selection of my favorite watercolors.

the illustrations are from the book HAITZINGER HIGHLIGHTS, 1998 bruckmann verlag, ISBN 3-7654-3355-1
© haitzinger / bruckmann verlag



6 responses

23 11 2010

Great stuff !:)
Very nice technique.

24 11 2010

man, those illustrations bring me back to my school newspaper days in highschool.

these are really inspiring stuff, sir. they’re very simple concepts but they really hit the spot. i should try and work on illustrations like that again.

thank you so much.

2 12 2010

*gasp* O_O

27 11 2011
krapo arboricole

Thanks fo the illustrations !

16 03 2014
Mike Austin

Reblogged this on BLUE PLANET ALMANAC™ and commented:
This is my first time recognizing Horst Haitzinger’s wonderful work by his name. Also, I’d surmise it’s likely that I’d seen or sold some of Hans Bacher’s work, the artist who owns the site at which I found these Haitzinger examples. I spent 16 years on a large, Los Angeles animation art gallery.

16 03 2014
Mike Austin

Hans Bacher: Would you be so kind as to translate the caption on the panel with the McCaw?

from hans –
ok, I’ll do my best…
“…..by the way, while you are reading just a word within this bubble,
more rainforest disappears than you see pictured here!”

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