4 12 2010

one of my favorite paintings JOHN WATKISS created during visual development for disney’s TARZAN. he painted dozens of these mood- and composition-studies, all of them in acrylics and in a huge size, about 80 cm in length. and fast, together with the most beautiful sketches one design in about two days. I wonder why there was never a book published just with john’s designs…

© disney enterprises, inc




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5 12 2010

OK paintings, but what an arrogant ass he was. There’s no wonder at all why he’s not more well known: no one wants to work with him. That and his very limited range as a painter.

from hans –
john is impatient when it comes to the quality of art, he is opinionated and not diplomatic at all. we had major arguments – but, I still respect him as one of the best drawing artists I ever met. you probably would hate me too…

28 01 2011

I was freelancing for Disney Publishing during that time and I’ve seen these in person and they are indeed bold.
If I recall there was a plan to do a story book of these. I wonder if that went anywhere?

Great blog BTW

9 04 2011

Yeah, Watkiss is kind of a dick. I purchased a few books from him, he took my money, and didn’t send the books for over a year. In the end, he offered to give me a few postcards of his instead.

26 04 2016

Anyone know of JW’s process at all, like does he use references when drawing storyboards , paintings etc I’m very interested in this amazing artist. Thanks for any info. Cheers.

from hans –
no, he doesn’t use any reference. he has studied classic anatomy for many years, so that just comes automatic. but everything
else as well, environment, dramatic light, staging, perspective – I have seen him draw and paint many times since we worked
together at disney. it’s depressing to watch him…

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