children of the sun

24 12 2010

‘for the first time in history, nations are united to rid the world of hunger – The United Nations, through UNICEF, is dedicated to the children of the sun. the future of the earth depends on them.’ these are the concluding words of a short JOHN and FAITH HUBLEY produced in 1960 for UNICEF. the story of a healthy child who has enough to eat is juxtaposed with the story of an undernourished child representing three quarters of the world’s children. the animation is by BOBE CANNON and GARY MOONEY, music by PABLO CASALS and the budapest string quartet. below a few screen captures.

© john and faith hubley, storyboardfilms

I wish everybody who celebrates this event of the year a MERRY CHRISTMAS.




One response

25 12 2010
Michael Sporn

This is a great film done during a remarkable period for the Hubleys. The animation by Bobe Cannon is extraordinary, given the incredibly tight budget. This film was just a precursor of what the Hubleys would do with ADVENTURES OF AN * , MOONBIRD and TENDER GAME.

Thanks for another wonderful post.

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