wildlife art

28 12 2010

in the early nineties I saw on english-tv a documentary about a german wildlife artist, WOLFGANG WEBER. a camera team followed him around the globe, through jungle, desert and even under water – and everywhere this artist created the most stunning sketches of all the animals around him, frozen in one instant moment. I could not believe my eyes, – the shortest movements captured like in a photograph, but so much better in these rough but precise drawings. later, the film documented at WEBER’S home in germany in a few steps the creation of the most beautiful watercolors, using the hundreds of sketches he had done during his trips.

a few years later german-tv had part 2 of that documentary, WEBER sketching wildlife around the world. incredible! only much later through research on the internet I learned that WOLFGANG WEBER is one of the greatest living masters of wildlife art, his work exhibited around the world. he was born in 1936 in koblenz, germany, and studied art under OSCAR KOKOSCHKA in mainz. another influence was well-known wildlife artist WILHELM KUHNERT. WEBER’S success as an artist is the outcome of a great love for the animal kingdom which has inspired him to travel to many of the most remote corners of the earth in search of rare species. with his rare ability to concentrate on the depiction of a split-second movement he is able to observe, capture and record.

the pictures in this post are screen captures from one of the tv-documentaries and otherwise collected on the internet. all artwork © wolfgang weber



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28 12 2010
Christoph Heuer

Wow! I remember a TV documentary about him diving in the Red Sea drawing fishes underwater, and sketching a tiger while riding on the back of an elephant in India.

I tried to find out more about him but that was in the age before internet. I liked the stuff that I saw on his website very much and still do not understand why he is not given more attention (same applies for Hermann Schatz). – it’s MANFRED SCHATZ ( hans )

from hans –
apparently the wildlife-painting community is not too big, not big enough for some expensive book publications. there are not too
many people who collect paintings of elephants in the african wilderness or penguins on an ice shelf, I could not even imagine
to hang motifs like that on my wall. but I admire the pure talent and obsession of these artists – next to WEBER and SCHATZ
some of my favorites are KUHN, SCHOENHERR, SHEPHERD, BATEMANN and KUHN.

29 12 2010
Peter Oedekoven

Wunderschön…einen guten Rutsch wünschen dir die Jungs von der Artillerie!!:)

2 08 2011

Oh my god. I want to cry. These drawings are stunning! Thank you for sharing.

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The Hidden History of Oz

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WordPress.com is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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