fun creations 2

29 03 2011

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moments 16

27 03 2011

twenty years ago I used these video-captures as reference for my production design work on disney’s THE LION KING. the origin of the images were documentaries on german tv and the discovery channel at that time early 1991.

style analysis 2

22 03 2011

it is obvious that we are surrounded by different styles, just look around. there is the latest fancy mobile phone, the new haircut of a friend, the look of an ‘in’-magazine. even more so when we look around in our cities, – architecture, sportscars, the latest fashion. in museums or books we can get familiar with styles developing over the centuries, and in movies we are confronted with phantastic looks of the future. we are constantly influenced by these images and they affect our own visual ideas.
as I wrote in the first chapter, I am interested in my field – the design in animation – in the creation process of the most stunning styles in some of the films in the past and will try to analyze and document how the artists who were involved worked.

wilhelm m.busch 16

17 03 2011

in 1961 WILHELM M.BUSCH created 37 pen+ink drawings for the HUNDT-publishing house in hattingen, germany for the GUY DE MAUPASSANT novel BEL AMI. following is a selection

© wilhelm m.busch / hundt verlag

fun creations 1

15 03 2011

paralell to my series about STYLE I wanna show some of my own ‘NO STYLE’ work. answering some questions that came up after the posting and continous questions from students, my experience throughout my career is that big clients like studios or advertising agencies are more interested in a designer who is able to create a wide variety of STYLES, less in someone with a very own unique style. and I must admit, it is good that way. more important for a project is, to find the right look that fits the content. usually the client, the director in the case of a film-project, has his very own vision of the look and is more interested to be part of developing it. it is always a challenge. and it is fun to see something very new grow, something you were not even able to believe that you could do this.

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© van veen/siepermann/bacher

style analysis 1

8 03 2011

I had some STYLE-posts a little while ago. this now is the start of a general analysis of STYLE in ANIMATION in several chapters and probably the early beginning of a new book.
you can find STYLE-trends everywhere – in fashion, car-designs, modern architecture, fancy food in expensive restaurants, in art of course, painting, sculpture, graphic-art, typography, film and in lifestyles. it is everywhere. we are surrounded by them and we get influenced by them. in this new series I want to concentrate on ANIMATION and specifically on the look-development of some animated feature films and shorts. in most of these works the backgrounds define the look more than the characters. who developed and designed them and how did these artists get their ideas? what influenced them in their time, what of their work was and still is used today, and has been further developed, influenced again by more modern trends.
this is of course an important subject for me, since I have to come up with new looks as a production designer all the time. I want to talk as well about the process how to find a style and about the different ingredients.

here first some examples of very different styles in animation…

…to be continued.

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… back soon

4 03 2011

sorry about this unusual long break. the reason is my move to singapore, the new work as a full-time teacher here at the university, and a very personal thing – I am getting married tomorrow. when the hectic times have calmed down I will resume the posts as before…

The Hidden History of Oz

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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.