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8 03 2011

I had some STYLE-posts a little while ago. this now is the start of a general analysis of STYLE in ANIMATION in several chapters and probably the early beginning of a new book.
you can find STYLE-trends everywhere – in fashion, car-designs, modern architecture, fancy food in expensive restaurants, in art of course, painting, sculpture, graphic-art, typography, film and in lifestyles. it is everywhere. we are surrounded by them and we get influenced by them. in this new series I want to concentrate on ANIMATION and specifically on the look-development of some animated feature films and shorts. in most of these works the backgrounds define the look more than the characters. who developed and designed them and how did these artists get their ideas? what influenced them in their time, what of their work was and still is used today, and has been further developed, influenced again by more modern trends.
this is of course an important subject for me, since I have to come up with new looks as a production designer all the time. I want to talk as well about the process how to find a style and about the different ingredients.

here first some examples of very different styles in animation…

…to be continued.

all artwork and text is copyrighted by HANS P BACHER, unless otherwise attributed to the respective copyright owner. it is illegal to publish, print or use in any other manner any such artwork or text without the written permission by the artist or copyright owners.
© disney enterprises, inc / WB / universal pictures / paramount / hubley / lenica / studio zagreb / UPA




4 responses

9 03 2011

I had picked up your book and its be such a great insight. Thanks once again for sharing these.

10 03 2011
Ignacio Carlos Ochoa

Since some years ago that I work in animation for publicity, and the agencies only want that his comercials seem to this or that. They work always with references, and trying to imitate esthetics of movies or commercial previous, without understanding that those commercial functioned because its Style was what is important, was the original thing , what did it a unique piece.

On the other hand, two questions:

From what short film corresponds the image of the police pursuing the thief?

That think you about the esthetics of the “The Inspector” cartoons from the Pink panther show? To me, it is a great style , and I no remember to have read in any blog reference about this.

Thanks Hans. And my better wishes and happinesses by his wedding.
A warm hug from Argentina

14 03 2011

re: Ignacio – I work in commercial animation right now as a designer and I get the craziest requests for combinations of styles from the agencies. Style references that totally contradicts each other, or hardly fit the brand. What’s funny is these are usually tossed out in the middle of production anyway when the brand steps in and brings everything back to normal. Ah, commercial art. At least I get to make some interesting concepts.

Hans, can’t wait to see what you pick apart for animation styles. Also, congrats on getting married! Are you teaching with Pat Smith in Singapore?

from hans –
thank you, jessica. there are a lot of art-schools in singapore. and m a n y teachers from all over the world. I am at nanyang, and give lectures additional at the new york university tisch asia and the lucas studio. many years ago the same happened to me in advertising. they usually showed me the work of some famous illustrators they could not afford and asked to copy/slightly change the style, so there would not be any copyright problems but everybody would recognize the famous illustrator. so far I did not include commercial-animation in my style research, thank you for the interesting idea.

11 04 2011

Whenever I get design requirements from a client, I strip this down and give only the basics to our design team. This leaves them full room to flex their artistic creativity and products the best work.

I am sure not everyone can do this as I have spent over 2 years finding the best designers for our team

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