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15 03 2011

paralell to my series about STYLE I wanna show some of my own ‘NO STYLE’ work. answering some questions that came up after the posting and continous questions from students, my experience throughout my career is that big clients like studios or advertising agencies are more interested in a designer who is able to create a wide variety of STYLES, less in someone with a very own unique style. and I must admit, it is good that way. more important for a project is, to find the right look that fits the content. usually the client, the director in the case of a film-project, has his very own vision of the look and is more interested to be part of developing it. it is always a challenge. and it is fun to see something very new grow, something you were not even able to believe that you could do this.

© disney enterprises, inc
© universal pictures / amblin entertainment
© van veen/siepermann/bacher




3 responses

16 03 2011
Lionel Freitas

Your blog is excellent and always brings art very inspiring. Congratulations and when you have the time, visit my blog and see what you think of my work:
Big hug from Brazil!

18 03 2011
Theo Kerp

Lieber Hans Bacher,
bin gerade auf deinen super Blog gestossen. Ich bin beeindruckt! Wir sind uns vor langer, langer Zeit in Köln beim Kohlgrüber/Wurmser über den Weg gelaufen. Hab dich immer bewundert.Freut zu mich zu lesen das es dir mehr als gut geht.
Mit besten Grüßen aus dem Rheinland

from hans-
oh mann, theo, natuerlich erinnere ich mich. besonders an deinen schoenen film LE PETIT PRINCE. bitte schick mir ein e-mail,
und erzaehle was du machst. auch was die andern in deinem team von damals tun. toll, von dir zu hoeren.
herzliche gruesse – hans

18 03 2011

Wow, Brilliant! Great to see some of these again. Thanks hans 🙂

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