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29 04 2011

I am planning to start a research project about NON PHOTOREALISTIC RENDERING at the university where I teach. the example below shows how an animated part of some test footage might look like, a combination of live action, CG, traditional animation and several more new techniques we are planning to develop. exciting!


more heinz edelmann

26 04 2011

here is some more illustration-, poster- and bookcover art of one of my favorite designers – HEINZ EDELMANN.

© heinz edelmann


18 04 2011

the endless possibilities filter plug-ins give you to change the look of existing artwork and photographs might be interesting not just for me. I always thought that the pretty basic photoshop filters were not enough and followed in the past the release of additional filter plug-ins on the market. recently I found a new set from RED GIANT SOFTWARE – TOONIT! – that kept me busy with hundreds of experiments over the weekend. as you can see in the following examples, it is pretty impressive what you can create with it. as a start I tested the photoshop plug-in, but it is as well available for ‘after effx’ and ‘final cut pro’, where it can transform complete scenes into a different style. below is a combination of different looks I tried on a classical BOUGERAU painting, later a few of my photographs as resource.

eugene galien-laloue 8

9 04 2011

© eugene galien-laloue

style analysis 3

4 04 2011

we talked about all the different things around us that influence our visual understanding. that is different with younger children who are still able to see the world pure without all the interpretations and often wrong visions that corrupt our brain more and more the older we get and the more we download into our internal harddrive. a lot of famous artists, like PICASSO, MATISSE and MIRO, used children drawings for inspiration because they are not following some artistic influence yet. the only difference between drawings of different children is the way they grow up, happy, free, without pressure – or not. that’s why children drawings all over the world and independent from their culture look similar. following are some beautiful examples of children – ‘art’ I found on different websites, and art of the masters that shows clearly the influence. further images from the JOHN & FAITH HUBLEY animated shorts MOONBIRD and ADVENTURES OF AN *, where you will notice the reference to PICASSO and to children art. that is as well the case in a lot of shorts from ZAGREB FILM, I show only a few examples here.

© picasso / miro / john & faith hubley / zagreb film / unknown children

severino baraldi 3

1 04 2011

a while ago I posted illustrations of italian illustrator SEVERINO BARALDI. here is more of his work, a part of illustrations he did for the 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS tales. apparently BARALDI likes the work of swedish-american illustrator GUSTAF TENGGREN ( 1896 – 1970 ), because he is referring to his work. I start this time with a beautiful ‘harem’ painting from the CONTINENTAL SCHOOL late 19th century.

© gustaf tenggren / severino baraldi

The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.