severino baraldi 3

1 04 2011

a while ago I posted illustrations of italian illustrator SEVERINO BARALDI. here is more of his work, a part of illustrations he did for the 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS tales. apparently BARALDI likes the work of swedish-american illustrator GUSTAF TENGGREN ( 1896 – 1970 ), because he is referring to his work. I start this time with a beautiful ‘harem’ painting from the CONTINENTAL SCHOOL late 19th century.

© gustaf tenggren / severino baraldi



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1 04 2011

hard to see the differences between Tengreen and Baraldi.the second one is “copying “the first.I think the colors of Tengreen are softer and warmer.

1 04 2011

‘Referring to Tenggren is one way of putting it. Overall I’d have to say Baraldi’s compositions and sense of movement sells his images to me more.

1 04 2011
Larry MacDougall

I can see a lot of Edmund Dulac in there also. More so in Tenggren than Baraldi, but of course they both owe him a stylistic debt.

2 04 2011
Hannah A-K

Dear Hans,

I have the Arabian Nights book with Barladi’s illustrations. It was my Mother’s and she gave it to me when I was a child, and I always loved the pictures in it. I really like your blog, you always post very interesting and inspirational art work. I also have your book ‘Dream Worlds.’ It is very enjoyable. Thank you, Hannah.

2 04 2011
Vitaliy Shushko

first image remind me of the great Russian artist- Karl Brulloff (1799 – 1852)
Great post!!! thank you!

2 04 2011

I personally like Barladi’s posing, but clearly you can see Tenggren’s overall influence.
Thank you for posting, it is always a treat to read your blog. BTW, I often use your book when I talk to may students about composition. Thanks!

8 04 2011
childrens christian curriculum

I appreciate so much this photos.
Even i am old now.
I still so much crazy for this. hehehe amazing.

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