style analysis 3

4 04 2011

we talked about all the different things around us that influence our visual understanding. that is different with younger children who are still able to see the world pure without all the interpretations and often wrong visions that corrupt our brain more and more the older we get and the more we download into our internal harddrive. a lot of famous artists, like PICASSO, MATISSE and MIRO, used children drawings for inspiration because they are not following some artistic influence yet. the only difference between drawings of different children is the way they grow up, happy, free, without pressure – or not. that’s why children drawings all over the world and independent from their culture look similar. following are some beautiful examples of children – ‘art’ I found on different websites, and art of the masters that shows clearly the influence. further images from the JOHN & FAITH HUBLEY animated shorts MOONBIRD and ADVENTURES OF AN *, where you will notice the reference to PICASSO and to children art. that is as well the case in a lot of shorts from ZAGREB FILM, I show only a few examples here.

© picasso / miro / john & faith hubley / zagreb film / unknown children




3 responses

5 04 2011
peter oedekoven

Sehr gut…
Nach 40 Jahren hab ich´s nun auch begriffen aber immer noch nicht drin:)
Thanks for sharing Hans!!!!

10 04 2011

This is one of my favorite posts so far.

14 04 2011
santiago lozano

hi Hans,
I´m a long time follower…
i notice the art of children really great for us, the older artists…
i have a student, she is a little girl and creats fantstic stuff…
there is a way i can send you her material?
Thanks for sharing knowledge and creating a heritage in art…

from hans –
thank you santi, just use the e-mail here from the blog

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