18 04 2011

the endless possibilities filter plug-ins give you to change the look of existing artwork and photographs might be interesting not just for me. I always thought that the pretty basic photoshop filters were not enough and followed in the past the release of additional filter plug-ins on the market. recently I found a new set from RED GIANT SOFTWARE – TOONIT! – that kept me busy with hundreds of experiments over the weekend. as you can see in the following examples, it is pretty impressive what you can create with it. as a start I tested the photoshop plug-in, but it is as well available for ‘after effx’ and ‘final cut pro’, where it can transform complete scenes into a different style. below is a combination of different looks I tried on a classical BOUGERAU painting, later a few of my photographs as resource.




4 responses

20 04 2011
Uli Meyer

I like your original photographs better without any filters. Not a big fan of those in general.

20 04 2011
Silver MLM

Great! I love filtered photographs! Very artistic.

22 04 2011
Opa Locka Traffic Ticket

Its as you said, Amazing! The wonders of technology at work. Before, without said plug-in, how would you have done it? It may still be do-able right but it will take some time to do a sort of draft that you won’t go with later on. With this plug-in, probably took you a few minutes on one right since you are very adept at Photoshop.

8 08 2011

I wonder where was the photograph of the slum taken from?

from hans –
they were both taken during a boat trip on the pasig river that runs through manila, philippines.

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