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29 04 2011

I am planning to start a research project about NON PHOTOREALISTIC RENDERING at the university where I teach. the example below shows how an animated part of some test footage might look like, a combination of live action, CG, traditional animation and several more new techniques we are planning to develop. exciting!




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30 04 2011
minisite design

WoW! The example above looks like a real footage. Its amazing to know that its an output from digital art. Fantastic!

30 04 2011

That is wonderful news. Here’s a short I created that makes use of some custom npr techniques. I love exploring the medium.

4 05 2011
santiago lozano

indeed a direction to take in art these days…
evertone thinks 3d only offers a pixar looking render!

4 05 2011

Very good idea, Hans.

If a computer generated image looks “realistic” or not is, IMHO, a philosophical question.

When I started working on computer animation 22 years ago a shaded ball
with a simple highlight was recepted as a “realistic” rendering.

With the ongoing progress of rendering technology the way of perception
is changing as well. What’s rendered today will be called artificial crap
tommorrow. 😉

The subjective perception and comments denied a clear definition of
what CGI picture is “realistic” or “non-realistic” so far.

That’s why I believe this research project is very important and interesting!

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