mirko hanak 4

3 05 2011

MIRKO HANAK created these beautiful watercolors in the late sixties for a calendar.

© mirko hanak




4 responses

4 05 2011
Jeffrey varab

Wow, these are stunning!

5 05 2011

between 1950 and 1980 Tchekoslovakia and other eastern communist countries
developped very rich illustration and animation styles.I remember watching some of them on tv.But many of the studios closed after the “perestroika” in1989.Where are all these artists now? Blown away by manga culture?

9 05 2011
Tony Wisneske

You know what I like about him? He makes his paintings look like watercolor. He’s embraced the medium for what it is. I see a lot of people try and do watercolor paintings with realistic rendering and it tends to lose energy.
Hanak uses a lot of wet into wet which gives his scenes a sense of movement and interest. It’s my favorite kind of watercolor style: loose yet precise.

10 05 2011

Oh my goodness!!!!! It’s so stunning

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