13 05 2011

in june 1987 I flew with HARALD SIEPERMANN to L.A. to do the storyboard for the TOONTOWN-sequence in WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. we stayed as far as I remember five weeks, worked in a trailer right behind the AMBLIN ‘WHILE YOU WAIT’ – building on the universal lot, and created probably a thousand or more sketches. the final sequence was about 15 min long, what was with changes cut down to 45 sec in the final film. I remember one of the first assignments we got from DON HAHN, the assoc.producer, was to create a walk of eddie valiant through a part of toontown. we had to come up with all different light situations. harald did the sketch, that I colored from memory below, I painted then in 1987 the whole pan without the character and ILM used the whole set-up to create the light effects and the combination with the actor BOB HOSKINS as a test.

© disney enterprises, inc
© universal pictures / AMBLIN entertainment




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15 05 2011
Christopher Beaver


Loved your note about your work on Roger Rabbit. Exquisite use of light and shadow, edge lighting, silhouette, and color in all their variations. Particularly enjoyed the illuminated trash can. Would love to see and read more detail about your work on the film. Hope Singapore is working out well. Best wishes,

Christopher B

from hans –
thank you, christopher. I thought about that, publishing some more about that crazy time. will search for my diary and go through the color-slides. it’s already 24 years – historic…

15 05 2011
Tina Price

Hans – I’m trying to get a hold of you. Please contact me at the above email. Hope to hear soon. Best, Tina Price

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