25 05 2011

below my production design for a diagonal pan in BALTO from 1993 ( feltpen and gouache ), followed by the final background painted in oil – could not avoid the reflections in the overlay cels.

© universal pictures / amblin entertainment




6 responses

25 05 2011

Wow, they look gorgeous. Your work is so inspiring!

26 05 2011
Jeremy Ferguson

Your felt-tip skills are mind blowing. I’m actually drawn to the first example even more so. Beautiful and powerful. Thanks so much.

26 05 2011
becca arsenault

the color palette is what dreams are made of – and the lighting is spectacular

27 05 2011
mike yamada

Very nice. It reminds me a bit of the old fleisher supermans. Out of curiosity, what was the choice to do the final bgs in oil than acrylic?

from hans –
it was the only way to create smooth looking snow

27 05 2011
Michael Sporn

I have to say they’re both beautiful, though I probably side more with others in preferring the first. There’s something dynamic with the translucency of the colors in that image.

This film is my favorite of the Spielberg produced features. The story was good; Kevin Bacon did a great job of acting and the artwork was stunning.

31 05 2011
Dylan Glynn

oh god that has just the perfect feeling.

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