summer break

10 06 2011

I will be off to europe for a few weeks…




11 responses

10 06 2011

nice !! .. have a great break !

10 06 2011
Anthony Holden

Enjoy your break, and hurrah for SUMMER!

10 06 2011

Stunning! So minimal and evocative.

14 06 2011
nick fletcher

great blog Hans!
a lot of amazing and fascinating work.
have a good summer!
Nick Fletcher

18 06 2011

Fascinating as always!

19 06 2011
killer content

Have a great vacation! Europe is great. I know, I’m from Europe 🙂

21 06 2011

Will you be visiting the Netherlands too?

from hans –
no, this time only the south of germany, incl. parts of the alsasse and austria.

22 06 2011

Okay, too bad! If you did visit here, I would have loved to have attended a masterclass or workshop by you or something like that! Then again, that wouldn’t be a summer break!

1 07 2011

I love love love love love love love this post..

6 07 2011

have an awesome trip:)

6 07 2011

and if you ever make a trip towards india do let me know:)

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