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13 07 2011

early in 1999, while ALEX NINO and I were still working at disney, he came to my office to show me a whole pile of new comic pages he had done. the black/white pages were oversized, bigger than A3, and – stunning! alex was euphoric, ‘I am back!’ he had made a new deal with a comic publishing house and hoped for a whole series of publications. the pen+ink drawings were the best I had seen for many years and reminded me somehow of the masters of the barock and rokoko sculptures. like usual he could not explain how he had done them, I could not even imagine how that complex work of composition, exquisite character drawings and textures had been created. of course without any rough sketching and planning, like I had seen him working on MULAN. anyway – following is the cover of the magazine where his story appeared together with several others, released in july 1999. alex had allowed me to xerox his original drawings, I post a few of them and 2 double pages of the printed version, with the added text-blocks.

© alex nino / quantum cat entertainment publ.



8 responses

14 07 2011

Alex is an unbelievably modest genius. Thanks for posting his amazing work Hans.

14 07 2011

Hans, you are heaven sent.

15 07 2011
Jeremy Ferguson

Tremendous! Thanks for this.

15 07 2011

Mindblowing…many thanks for sharing….

22 07 2011
Dejan Ostojic

Unbelievable! Love Alex Nino’s work. Thanks for shearing those images with us.

28 07 2011
Joan C. Menzies

Its very hard for me to believe that he did all this amazing drawings without any sketch and plan, just improvising. Alex is a master, of course. Only illustrators like him can do that.

Thanks for share it and congratulations from Barcelona!

from hans –
I think, he always has a plan – in his head. the artwork is already finished before he starts to
draw. his hand just executes the masterplan.

4 08 2011
Edwin Rhemrev

Now I finally know the face behind all his great work, thanx for sharing that photo of Alex Nino Hans!

19 08 2011

The Alex Nino’s web:

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Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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