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21 07 2011

as far as I remember it was sometime in 1995 during the preproduction of MULAN when my producer at disney PAM COATS asked for my advice about possible illustrators or comic-strip artists who might be willing to work with us for a short time. the more diverse in style, the better. the first name that came to my mind was REGIS LOISEL, next to MOEBIUS one of the most influental french comic-strip artists. after his stunning four volume series LA QUETE DE L’OISEAU DU TEMPS he had started his version of PETER PAN that promised to be even better. I admired the worlds he created, beautifully designed environments as well as very unusual character-design. and – what I liked the most – he was as much away from disney as you could imagine! that’s why I did not really believe he would say yes. finally I talked to him on the phone, he tried to speak a bit english and I tried to remember all my half-forgotten french. somehow it was a good conversation because he agreed to come to L.A. for two weeks to work with us.

these two weeks I will not forget, we spent a lot of time together. next to working with him in my office I showed him L.A. and some of the neighborhood. and we had great dinners and a lot of wine. my french improved and REGIS even learned to comunicate with the other artists in english. he was the nicest guy and what an artist! anyway – we stayed in touch for a while afterwards until he moved to canada and I left disney. his series PETER PAN became a six volume MASTERPIECE. as soon as he had finished a new book he sent me a copy together with a beautiful sketch, treasures in my collection. recently I found copies of the MULAN-designs he had done during the two weeks he stayed with us and I am planning to post some of them. in a way his designs are very similar to ALEX NINO’S work, but he added a lot more story in his sketches, came up with great gags and ideas I wish we had included in our film.

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7 responses

22 07 2011
Uli Meyer

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

22 07 2011
Vitaliy Shushko

grat post!! i always wanted to learn how REGIS LOISEL started working on DISNEY! was all thanks to you, Hans! )))

22 07 2011
Michael Sporn

Very lively, beautiful drawings. Thanks, Hans. I have to learn more about his work.

23 07 2011

Great pieces!!!
I remember back in the day reading his inspiring comic books!
Thanks for sharing:)

23 07 2011

the third image reminds me a lot of some of John Watkiss’ works. haha. great post, sir. thank you once again…one of my favorites here are the tales you have of the Mulan production and the artists involved with it.

27 07 2011
Jeremy Ferguson


12 10 2011

Merci ,Hans, j’étais très content de revoir ces dessins…
Que deviens-tu my friend?
I always don’t speak english…sorry….
See you soon
Régis Loisel

from hans –
dear regis, as you can see, everybody loves your work. I am happy that we got connected through the blog. I am on the other side of the world, teaching. hope you are well. yes – would be very nice to see you again. a bientot…hans

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