regis loisel 2

24 07 2011

for everybody who is not familiar with REGIS LOISEL’S comic-strip work I am posting some pages, sketch-page and final color-page, as well as some character designs from his PETER PAN comic-strip version. the six-volume series was published in france between 1990 and 2004 by EDITIONS VENTS D’OUEST ( ). the titles of the series are – LONDRES, OPIKANOBA, TEMPETE, MAINS ROUGES, CROCHET and DESTINS. next will be more of REGIS’ MULAN designs.

© regis loisel / editions vents d’ouest




5 responses

24 07 2011
Michael Sporn

Another magnificent post. The comparison of rough to final is extraordinary. Beautiful work, thank you.

24 07 2011

AMAZING post!!

24 07 2011

I’ve been watching this blog for a while now but never took the time to thank you for introducing me to such amazing artists (and especialy Wilhelm M. Busch !). Being a huge fan of Loisel, I figured it would be the occasion.
Whenever I come here, I always feel pumped up by all the gorgeous art, so thank you for that !

25 07 2011

i LOVE the areal shots.

he’s that guy you mentioned before in your talks during our college days! now i remember…you fondly talked about his works then, and how you have a collection of his works on Peter Pan…indeed he does have stunning works. thanks for the inspiration once again 🙂

25 07 2011

strong and vulgar drawings,in my opinion.
I don’t like the word “vulgar”,it may sound contemptuous,but I can’t find any refinement in Loisel’s work.

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