snow white BG’s 1

2 08 2011

recently I watched disney’s SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS again and decided to recreate some more backgrounds. I just can’t get enough of these watercolor masterpieces – see yourself.

© disney enterprises, inc




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2 08 2011
Uli Meyer

I wonder if anyone today still knows how to work with this technique of building up layer after layer of watercolour. There was an English artist who did some BGs for me on a commercial 20 years ago, he used a similar technique. Unfortunately I couldn’t use him again since it took him sooo long to complete one painting. I forgot his name.
These are wonderful, thanks Hans.

from hans –
and if there was someone left in our business today, he/she would be on the street. all that knowledge gets lost, but not only here – in so many other areas as well. there is one artist in brazil who is a watercolor-master – carcamo, he has beautiful paintings in his blog.

2 08 2011
Uli Meyer

I know Carcamo, he lives near Sao Paulo on an island. I have two of his paintings, a brilliant artist. His technique is different though, less layering and more immediate.

2 08 2011
Michael Sporn

It is certainly my favorite period of background art. It’s amazing to compare what was done at Disney’s and the other studios at the time. The art of even Harman Ising & MGM doesn’t compare.
There was a nice attempt on Lilo & Stitch to get that feel of those BGs.

3 08 2011
Jeremy Ferguson

Thanks Mr. Bacher for showing these. They are tremendous.

3 08 2011

I didn’t know Carcamo, thanks for the tip, I love his stuff.
Is his stuff done plein-air or in a studio?
I like this guy a lot too
Mostly alla prima watercolors with little layering.

from hans –
yes – joseph zbukvic – he is a master. very expressive, reminds me of the BARBIZON SCHOOL impressionists – JEAN-BAPTISTE CAMILLE COROT and PAUL DESIRE TROUILLEBERT.

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