german summer

3 08 2011




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3 08 2011

Haha! That image sums up the weather report for Germany without words. Perfectly.

3 08 2011

I understand why german tourists spend their holidays at the meditteranean seashore! Your illustration is beautiful.

3 08 2011


3 08 2011

Yes, Daniel says Denmark and most of Northern europe is the same drizzly summer. Still, beautiful picture Hans 🙂
How much longer will you be in Europe?

from hans –
no, I am back already. school has started

3 08 2011
Christoph Heuer

So great an image and soooooooo true!
Best wishes from sunny Sete in southern France!!!!!!!!!

4 08 2011
colinstimpsonlin stimpson

Looks like the UK to me!

11 08 2011

I like when its raining because you have a good excuse to spend time hanging out at home drawing. 😉

22 08 2011

This also applies for the Dutch summer (where did the sun go??) 😉 (but I kind of agree with “Rey’s comment) Btw fantastic work as always

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